Apple wants to show ads only for products you can afford

Miraculous news from Apple. The corporation has patented a new method of ad targeting.

The main point: this technology will allow Apple to show users only the ads of goods they can afford.

Of course the first question that comes to mind is how will Apple know if you have enough money to buy this product? This technology shall include a certain system that has access to the credit record of the person. Such software will periodically send a request to your account balance, and based on this analyze how much you can spend at the moment.

According to the statement, the system will be especially convenient in the case of online shops where you can make an order immediately. The users will be offered only those products which cost less than 90% of the available funds on the account.

In addition, the patent presumes the possibility to set a limit on spending. For example, the user can set the maximum amount that he is willing to spend on goods – $10, and despite the fact that his balance is higher – only those ads considering the set data will be displayed, meaning goods worth no more than $10.

For those users who have agreed to receive such targeted advertising, Apple is planning to introduce discounts and free mobile services.

It is not clear yet how this all will be done technically. Maybe via Apple Pay, but according to the official statements the Apple payment system collects data solely for the convenience of making purchases and does not involve disclosure of the balance sheet.

Considering the fact that Apple has reiterated that they are not interested in selling the user data to advertisers, it is quite interesting what will happen next.

This patent does not guarantee that Apple will implement this technology in the nearest future. However, we are interested in what you think. Do you think such a system is useful and will help avoiding impulse buying? Or you think that disclosing your balance sheet to advertisers is definitely too much?

Adguard team

August 4, 2015
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