Back to school promotion: discounts on all licenses!

It's that time of the year again. The back-to-school season, the time to learn more! You know what they say, "knowledge is power". And you know about Adguard, so you're powerful to make your web surfing comfortable and safe :)

All right, let's forget about summertime sadness and welcome autumn with joy! We thought that it's high time for a promotion with nice discounts for you!

From August 31 to September 4, we are offering a 33% discount on everything!
Yeah, you can buy any license you want at a reduced price or prolong the key you already have for another year (or make it lifetime). You can also make your key available for more devices, if needed.

So go ahead, your discount will be waiting until September 4 :)

Daria Magdik on AdGuard News
August 31, 2016
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