First look: AdGuard 6

Dear friends, today we release new beta version of fully upgraded Adguard for Windows. This means that Adguard 6 official and long-awaited release will be really soon!

As for now, meet version of new Adguard!

There is really a load of changes, that is why let us present you the very basic and most important ones:

  • Totally new program design.
  • The full-fledged Privacy protecton mode (Stealth mode).
  • Added ability to install filters through the link.
  • New Filter editor – much more convenient and clear than the old one.
  • New Filtering Log. Much easier than the old one.
  • New version of network drivers.
  • Many changes ‘under the bonnet’, new filtering engine.
  • Improved SSL filtering – added OCSP Stapling.
  • Ability to reinstall certificate from the program settings window.
  • Reworked the list of filtered applications, it is now much easier to add new applications.
  • Added “Do not filter sites with SSL EV certificates” option.
  • Added update channels, now it is not necessary to have a beta key for the installation of beta versions.
  • Changed a list of supported languages, now available:
    – English
    – Russian
    – Ukranian
    – Polish
    – German

By the way, we are looking for translators. So if you want to help us make Adguard more international, then welcome to our collaborators team!

In preparing of this release the great importance had the help of our users. Thank-you to everyone, who helped us make Adguard a better program!

Any questions? Leave comments what would you like to know about new Adguard. Stay tuned and we will tell you more about our awesome update!

The official release is coming soon :)

Adguard team

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