Join forces to fight ads together

Hello everyone!

As you can tell, our world is rapidly evolving and every day we face new changes — and new challenges. The amount of advertising we face every day becomes ridiculous. The lengths corporations and analytical systems are willing to go to collect our personal data are unimaginable.

We believe that in this fight against intrusive advertising and privacy violation the role of the community becomes ever so crucial. And there are multiple ways to help. Literally anyone can find something suitable for him or her. Don't stay away — read on and become part of our team!

Making AdGuard better together

But how can a single individual offer his or her help and make a difference? One way is to consolidate efforts around "centers of attraction" — ad blockers, privacy protection tools etc., AdGuard, of course, being one of them. We decided to create a new system of cooperation that lets join our forces in strive for making users' web browsing ad-free and safe. Now absolutely everyone can contribute to the common cause. So, if you want to become an important part of something bigger, we are happy to welcome you to our team!

Of course, we understand that everyone is different, possesses a different set of skills and enjoys different things. This is why AdGuard suggests a number of opportunities for contributing to choose from, like translating AdGuard products or testing its beta versions, writing a short review article or updating the Knowledge base — you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

Do you already feel an overwhelming desire to lend us your helping hand and to get involved as soon as possible? Then welcome to our web page. You'll get all the information you need there.

We are looking forward to seeing you on our side!

Already on board? Good!

What is it? Are you saying you are already involved in the noble cause of fighting ads and online analytics? That's absolutely great, and we are positive that you deserve a reward.

If you happen to be an ad filter maintainer/enthusiast; a developer for a userscript or browser extension that helps people; or maybe you are a software engineer who would like to test his or her product for compatibility with AdGuard — we have some good news: you are eligible for a free AdGuard license key! Sadly, kind and affectionate people are a rare tribe nowadays, and we feel it is the least we can do for them in return for time and effort they — almost always for free — put into helping others.

To learn more about the rewards for developers, visit our website.

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Celebrating New Year with AdGuard: major giveaway and discounts

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Now, holidays are coming, and it is the perfect time to give presents to the loved ones. And hey, we at AdGuard love our users! So we have prepared a cool giveaway for you and discounts for lifetime keys.

The Chronicle of AdGuard
This is the AdGuard's story from the "prehistoric times" until today. All ups and downs, old offices, hideous interfaces and other amazing stuff.
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