Moderator of the Year

Autumn is in full swing, October is outside the window and it means that a year has passed since our first moderators began managing AdGuard translations.

At that time, when we approved our first candidates we were not expecting a lot because work on voluntary basis is, frankly speaking, not for everyone. But we couldn’t even imagine how many passionate people would join us, ready to contribute their efforts to AdGuard and reveal our product to the world.

Now it’s time to announce the results of the year and, as promised, to reward the best of the best AdGuard moderators.

And the prizes go to...

Luckily, we don’t know what the term "bad moderator" (as well as "bad translator") means. We are fortunate to attract only the most skilled and responsible volunteers to our team. We are proud of working with you and always glad to provide you with AdGuard keys.

But there are some moderators among you who help us with all the diligence trying to translate a lot, keep a close eye on updates, check and approve translations in time, report different mistakes and inconsistencies, always answer our emails and messages etc. We feel their huge interest in growth and development of AdGuard and now we want to lift the veil of secrecy and call their names in order to reward the Moderators of the Year! (Yes, you’ve read it right – "the moderators" – as the choice was very difficult).

Can’t wait to learn their names? Okay, let’s start :)

We are pleased to introduce you the winners in the nomination "Moderator of the Year" – those who definitely deserve to be called the best of the best ones!

(Drum roll…)

1st Place – Moderators of the Year

  • Erik Lennartsson – moderator for Swedish
  • Alex Silva – moderator for Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Samuel Pahus – moderator for Danish

Congratulations! We really enjoy working with such responsible and devoted people like you guys, and as a reward you will receive some special presents from AdGuard ;) Thank you!

But that’s not all. We didn't accidently mention first place for the winners. As it has been said, the choice was very difficult, particularly as we had to take every single translated word into account to choose the real winners. And it turned out that there are some moderators who are very close to the victory and have a good chance to become the best ones in future! We believe that they should be rewarded as well.

So, second place and four awardees at once!

2nd Place – Top-class moderators

  • Bekir UÇARCI – moderator for Turkish
  • Lancelot Yu – moderator for Chinese Traditional
  • Peter Hubinsky – moderator for Slovak
  • YanJun Sun – moderator for Chinese Simplified

Our warmest congratulations and applause! :) Thank you!

Dear winners and awardees, all the delivery details will be sent to you in a personal email.

Your enthusiasm is what we are proud of

There are many other moderators in AdGuard who didn’t get on the list but maybe put even more spirit in what they’ve done. No need to worry – we see all your efforts and progress and we are always glad to send you some pleasant souvenirs. Besides, there is also a number of new active moderators who have recently joined us. Just keep it up and become "Moderator of the Year" in future! We will keep our fingers crossed for you :)

By the way, if you just intend to join our moderators, then send us an email to using a questionnaire template from this post.
But please note: there are only few languages left for which we have no moderators yet.

Truth be told, there are no winners and losers when it comes to volunteering because being a volunteer is already one of the highest personal achievements. We bow our heads before you and congratulate ourselves on working with such good-natured and talented people. If you are with us, then we are on the right path.

Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement!

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