New website is out! And this time we mean it!

No, you are not having a deja-vu attack — we have already proudly announced the launch of our new website. But from now on it opens on the main domain, having left the cozy incubator of «». Since the original announcement, the website has become even better, by now everything is fixed, tuned, polished and awaiting your approval.

What exactly has changed?

First and foremost, the website is translated into several more languages: German, French, Spanish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech and Russian. We apologize in advance — the translations are not complete yet, but we tried to cover all of the most important pages. Given some time, the translations will be finished, and more languages will be added, too.

By the way, you can be the one helping us out! If you feel confident, head to OneSky and just start translating. Any input is appreciated, and we will happily reward the most active and prolific translators with a free license.

What else? The website was already functioning, obviously, but there were myriads of small bugs and inconsistencies that are not always easy to notice both for users and developers. A considerable time was spent to track down and eliminate every single one of them.

And finally...

...hooray! We did it :) Hope you like the result, and the hard work of the whole team will pay off — in the end, everything we do, we do for our users.

Despite all the time and effort that we put in, it is theoretically possible that you notice a missed bug, typo, or maybe you just have a better idea than we came up with. In that case, we will really appreciate it if you let us know about it. By the way, you can visit the new discuss page to choose a way of communication that is most convenient for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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