AdGuard VPN now supports major streaming services

The problem with the streaming services is that they usually detect VPNs and don't let users get access to the content until they disable the VPN. Having this in mind, we've managed to come up with one good solution.

If you happen to read us on Telegram, you might already know that we’ve added access to US major streaming services via AdGuard VPN. That’s great news for everyone who loves watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Before reaching the above services, make sure you have a subscription if required. We don't endorse the use of AdGuard VPN to bypass copyright regulations.

This feature is available for those who have a paid AdGuard VPN subscription. It doesn't matter which AdGuard VPN product you have — a browser extension, an app for iOS or Android, Mac or Windows, you'll be able to watch your favorite series from anywhere. Don't have any yet? Download it from our website and try the free version.

Since this streaming support feature is new and we’re testing it, we’d be especially grateful if you tried using any above-mentioned streaming service with AdGuard VPN and dropped us a few lines about how it works. Please leave your feedback in the comment section to this blogpost or on social media.

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