What are the userscripts?

Version 5.9 of Adguard brings a lot of changes and new features. One important change is an ability to install extensions to Adguard. Adguard extension is in fact the userscript.

First of all we need to understand what it is. Userscript is a “script”, written in Javascript that extends the functionality of one or more sites. It is still not clear what it actually is, but don’t worry, we will provide examples of such scripts in this article and you will understand for sure.

Adguard users already know one such extension. It is the Adguard Assistant. You can see its icon in the corner of any web page.

There are many extensions, which you can install and use with the help of Adguard. In this article, we will tell you about some extensions that we consider interesting.

Youtube Center

This userscript adds many new functions to Youtube. There are only some of them:

• Download the videos
• Play videos in HD-quality
• Increase the size of the player
• Disable startup of the video
• Disabling ads in the player
• Dimming the page content around player

In general, Youtube Center makes work on the website even more comfortable and convenient than that provided by the developers.

You can install this extension by using this link –


Have you ever seen redirection services, which try to make you see an ad before letting you go to the page? Those are so called paid link redirectors. Linkbucks,, linktraff and many others.

If you are really tired of them – simply install AdsFight!. This userscript allows you to skip the necessary show of the ad (although in your case this will be an empty page, because Adguard has already removed everything you don’t need:)), and redirects you immediately to the targeted link.

You can install AdsFight! from here:

Social Fixer

This userscript will be useful for those, who actively use Facebook. It offers a lot of settings that will make using the Facebook more comfortable.

These are some of them:

Filtering of your News Feed. You will be able to set up special rules that change the content of your Feed. For example, you can hide posts from particular author or posts that contained a number of keywords.

You can hide posts that you have already read. It is similar to the way you use your email. The old posts, that you have already seen will be in a separate folder. If there will be any new comments that you haven’t seen in the old post – it will return to the list of the new ones.

You can see the enlarged image without clicking on it. By just dragging your mouse over a miniature.

Configuration of the Facebook apps and other elements. You will be able to hide elements you don’t use. For example, birthday reminders.

You can install Social Fixer from here:


We hope you liked these userscripts. We will continue to review most interesting userscripts.

Stay tuned!

March 14, 2014
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February 27, 2014
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March 14, 2014
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