Parental Control
Feel at ease as you leave your children alone at the computer.
Adguard will reliably shield them from all undesirable online content.
Download Adguard Version 6.1 for Windows, Free 14-days
Adguard makes the Internet a safe place for kids
Whichever browser your children might use – be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other – Adguard will work just as effectively to block undesirable websites across all browsers.
  • Pornographic websites are blocked automatically
    Adguard won’t let a single site with adult or otherwise inappropriate content through.
  • All sites with content inappropriate for children are blocked
    Adguard instantaneously identifies whether a site is safe for children or not.
  • Protection against undesirable advertising
    With Adguard, you won’t have to fear for your children running into inappropriate ads across any and all sites they might visit.
To date we’ve classified over
132,791,340 web sites
Our website database contains a variety of categories.
This allows us to limit children’s access to websites with undesirable content.
With Adguard, you can leave your child one-on-one with the World Wide Web without a worry.
Adguard Advantages
We care about our users and regularly work to improve our product.
  • Protection against phishing sites and other harmful websites
    Adguard lowers risk of virus infections and prohibits access to harmful websites to prevent potential attacks.
  • Reduced data usage
    Adguard allows you to use considerably less traffic than you normally would. The perfect solution for users of 3G or 4G Internet connections!
  • See which sites can be trusted
    Adguard accumulates website reputation data from numerous reliable sources, including Web of Trust.
7 years
The average age when a child runs into
pornography on the web for the first time.
Protect your children sooner rather than later.
Download Adguard Version 6.1 for Windows, Free 14-days